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The Summer Seven

The Problem:  Summer's almost here... but your closet isn't looking so sunny. The Fiq:  The Sum...

Home FIQ

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The New Family Home

There's so much incredible home design on the Web.  Once I start browsing through sites like Desig...


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Chocolate Luv

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love chocolate.  Not like.  Luuuuuvvvv... I can skip desse...

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Inspired By: Donuts!

The Problem:   Life sometimes gets a bit too structured and serious... time to lighten up! The F...

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Loving Ella

The Problem:  You want to cook healthy and creative, but not complicated. The Fiq:  Naturally E...


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Merci Merci!

I recently threw a party and several days later received the nicest note from one of the guests... a...